Judith M. Scalin

When I entered the LMU campus 35 years ago, I somehow knew I was “home.” I walked the path from the then-palm-tree-lined 80th Street entrance to the chapel. I opened the doors to the quiet church. I walked in. A feeling of stirring Possibility filled me. Words of the famed dancer Isadora Duncan came to mind: “I can see the stars, but I do not know how to reach them.” I recently learned that St. Ignatius of Loyola entered his contemplations looking up at the stars. Having discovered that connecting thread is meaningful to me. My journey with Ignatian spirituality—teaching, learning and living—has ranged from times when I felt as if I were walking over shards of broken glass to moments of almost tasting the fragrance of sunlight. I have experienced celebration, grief, awe, insight and gratitude. This state of being teaches and re-teaches me where “home” really is.

Judith M. Scalin, Professor, Dance

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