Cathy Machado

A beautiful but unfamiliar songbird caught my attention. I looked it up in my Audubon guide and discovered that it is really a rather common bird with a wide habitat range. It lives pretty much everywhere. Had it always been nearby? Why had I never noticed? Why did it appear at this moment? I have found that the skills required for spiritual growth – prayer, contemplation, meditation and discernment – can be learned and developed through practice. These are valuable, practical skills we employ every day to keep an open heart, to be our true selves and to live with purpose and gratitude. They help us find God in all things, all places. We all face daily challenges, frustrations and decisions, but if we can be quiet and attentive we can hear that beautiful song. Such opportunities for discovery and growth are abundant at the special place we call LMU.

Cathy Machado, Assistant Dean, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts


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