Nicole Bouvier-Brown

Through Ignatian Spirituality I have found grounding. It provides me with focused reflection necessary to process my feelings and find peace with the whirlwind of daily events. As a chemist, I have to be reminded that not everything is analytical; I have learned to trust my emotions, for that is where God (the Director) works in us. This type of spirituality has also given me a new personal, familiar relationship with God as an adult. By “redefining” prayer as a two-way-street and a continuous conversation with God where I can even question Him, my spirituality has been liberated. When I care deeply and invest time into teaching, God cares too; finding this confidence and reassurance in myself and in my vocation has made me a better teacher and adviser. I have been called to teach these students these subjects.

Nicole Bouvier-Brown, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

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