Paul Humphreys

My work at LMU is, increasingly, an expression of gratitude – a kind of prayer for the grace of living, working and continuing to grow in the community of this place.

Gratitude begins in reflection, an attitude in which I can dispose myself toward equanimity, to “find God in all things” as a way of being in the world.

Work unfolds from learning and teaching, activities that offer the opportunity to emulate the insight and generosity of Ignatius. At their best, my creativity and service are extensions of this spirit.

Growth is rooted in community, the sum and synergy of relationships that both sustain my individual efforts and engender identification with larger senses of integrated vision and purpose.

It sometimes occurs to me that these touchstones of Grace can be found elsewhere – the wonder is that I can find them right here, every day, at LMU!

Paul Humphreys, Professor of Music, Director, World Music at LMU

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