Fr. Al Koppes, O.Carm.

I subscribe to this simple definition of prayer by St. Therese of Lisieux: “Prayer is a movement of the heart, it is as simple as a glance toward heaven, it is a cry of gratitude in times of trial as well as in times of joy.” I have been a professed Carmelite for over 60 years, worked with them, lived with them and prayed with them. I have worked and prayed with Jesuits for 37 years. Over the years, I have found much in common with the two orders, each founded by a mystic and a challenging leader. Both models of life, the Carmelite or Jesuit way, must be a life of prayer. Prayer is a necessity in our lives though not an end in itself. Rather, as Teresa of Avila writes: “prayer is in the service of the apostolate.” And Ignatius would agree, I think, that prayer is the basis for making you “a person for others.”

Fr. Al Koppes, O.Carm., Associate Chancellor and Dean Emeritus

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