How to Major or Minor in Philosophy

“Let no one be slow to seek wisdom when he is young….
To say that the season for studying philosophy has not yet come …
is like saying that the season for happiness is not yet.” – Epicurus

Some students make Philosophy their only major. However, many select Philosophy as a second major because it beautifully complements every other major. Others opt to pick up a Philosophy minor. Think about it: Why would you spend four years and a lot of money to major in just one discipline when you could major or minor in two disciplines at the same time for the same price?!


The Department of Philosophy at LMU strives to be pluralistic in orientation, thereby providing students with the opportunity to pursue philosophy in a number of different ways. Philosophic inquiry at LMU is governed by the complementary ideals of analytic precision and comprehensive synthesis. The study of the history of philosophy is complemented by comparison and contrast of the Western tradition with other cultural outlooks. Regardless of one’s specific philosophical interests and orientation, all LMU Philosophy Majors complete eight required courses that together constitute the heart of the program.

Courses Required for the Major in Philosophy:

PHIL 1800: Philosophical Inquiry (also Core)
Any PHIL 31XX ethics course (also Core)
PHIL 2010: Logic
PHIL 3510: Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 3520: Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 3530: Modern Philosophy I
PHIL 3540: Modern Philosophy II
PHIL 4990: Senior Assessment (0 credit hours)                                                        Three PHIL electives, at least two of which are upper-division courses taken at LMU. At least one of these courses must focus on Contemporary Philosophy. Majors must maintain a minimum GPA of C+ (2.3) in their Philosophy courses to remain in good standing.


The aim of the Minor Program in Philosophy is to provide non-majors an opportunity to deepen their appreciation and understanding of their chosen fields by pursuing complementary philosophical studies beyond the University Core Course requirement. Students are invited to select courses from a broad range of offerings, including majors courses in the History Sequence and a large number of rotating electives, which connect with issues and concerns raised in their own major fields. The Minor Program Advisor is available to discuss course options and to assist you in selecting appropriate courses.

Courses Required the Minor in Philosophy:

PHIL 1800: Philosophical Inquiry (also Core)
Any PHIL 31XX ethics course (also Core)                                                                          Three additional PHIL courses, at least two of which must be upper-division.             Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in your PHIL courses.

Minor Program Advisor: Professor Jason Baehr,, 310-338-4486.

Philosophy Electives

As a Philosophy major or minor, you are invited to explore philosophical questions related to a wide range of human endeavors. In addition to a set of courses covering ethics, logic, and the history of philosophy (e.g., Ancient Greek Philosophy), you are free to select from a range of intriguing electives that permit you to explore issues of special interest in more depth. Here are just some of the electives we offer:

PHIL 2350: Philosophy and Film
PHIL 3035: Bioethics
PHIL 3120: Business Ethics
PHIL 3110: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 3105: Ethics of Love and Marriage
PHIL 3125: Media Ethics
PHIL 3160: Political Philosophy
PHIL 3165: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 3200: Philosophy of Science
PHIL 3220: Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 3340: Philosophy and Culture
PHIL 3320: Philosophy and the Arts
PHIL 3330: Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 3410: Philosophy of God
PHIL 3565: Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 3400: Philosophy of Religion                                                                               PHIL 4170: Feminist Philosophy
PHIL 4620: Pragmatism
PHIL 4630: Phenomenology
PHIL 3640: Existentialism
PHIL 4670: Spanish Philosophy
PHIL 4660: Hermeneutics
PHIL 4820: Epistemology
PHIL 4810: Metaphysics
PHIL 4830: Philosophy of Mind

Etc. See the LMU Bulletin for a complete listing.

Interested in joining us? Check out the LMU Philosophy Department website, or contact Dr. Martin Nemoianu, Chair of the Department of Philosophy, at for more information, including details concerning how your previous PHIL courses can contribute toward the completion of a PHIL major.

We look forward to welcoming you to the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of wisdom!