What Students are Saying …

… about majoring in Philosophy at LMU:

From the Class of 2021:

“I am fully satisfied with my choice to major in Philosophy, and would have done it again if I could. I’m grateful to have studied the history of philosophy and to therein have removed many of the barriers to entry for understanding contemporary theory. It was a great learning experience and I have met and learned from a lot of great experts. I always knew I wanted to study philosophy, I did, and it was glorious.”

“I never planned to pursue a career in philosophy or law, but I am really glad and grateful that I had the opportunity to study something that interested me. Philosophy broadened my horizons, forever changed the way I see certain things, and taught me things I previously thought I wasn’t good enough or smart enough to know. If I didn’t pursue it now, I would have never come back to it later in life. It was challenging, but the challenges I had to overcome were good for me in the end.”

“I am satisfied with my choice in this major. I have not only learned a lot about the subject, but have also expanded my worldview and mode of cognition. The tools and critical thinking skills I have obtained will stay with me far beyond my academic journey.”

“Studying Philosophy has definitely caused me to change my mode of considering problems, and my way of thinking in general. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I think I have a “logical” or “impartial” way of thinking—I think that way leads to some dangerous pitfalls—but I have definitely learned to take more charitable considerations with regards to topics that I have emotional stakes in, such as when dealing with family. I think it has helped me learn to compartmentalize and pick my battles better.”

“It has been a wonderful opportunity to explore the world in depth. The professors and faculty have created such a supportive learning community for the majors. I remember attending one of the game nights and being in awe of the diverse subjects that the professors teach, and how the terminology varied depending on the philosopher studied in that class. I feel grateful to be part of a community that encouraged learning inside and beyond the classroom, filled with faculty who care about you. Additionally, lectures and classes by the philosophy professors have always been so intriguing that I often find myself sharing what I learned in a lecture with my family and friends. Thank you for making this an exciting part of my academic experience at LMU and teaching me the knowledge and tools to expand on this passion of mine!”

From the Class of 2020:

“Philosophy was my fourth major at LMU. All of my previous majors were interesting, but none of them spoke to me and made me really think.”

“I was tired of being blind, even though I had perfectly fine vision. It’s unbearable being blind mentally.”

“Along the way, each course I took in the department drew me deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, and I fell more in love.”

“The way my brain cognizes things has definitely changed ever since I became a  philosophy major. The way I analyze and talk in conversations has evolved, and in turn, most of the conversations I’m in involve me logically breaking down what is being said.”

“Logic does more than just teach you how to win an argument; logic teaches you how to structure an argument for life.”

“When one finds a philosophical argument wrong, one must not just say why it is wrong in terms of contradiction or non sequitur, logical fallacy or misstep, but rather evaluate how the pieces have fit together in such a way that makes the very fabric of the argument incongruent.”

“Learning about the classifications of logical fallacies and the rules that define valid logical maneuvers has made me a better philosopher—and a better speaker and listener in my daily life.  I have gathered the adequate amount of various tools for my tool belt for analyzing arguments and argument structures. I feel properly prepared to complete most-to-all analyses I’m tasked with.”

“Philosophy has taught me to think critically about some of the best objects of human consideration.”

“When it comes to philosophy, it is almost impossible for the dedicated study of it not to change you.”

“The discourse of philosophy is where our experiences collide to form what we call humanity.  We are all just searching for truth, and truth is honesty and approaching human relationships of any kind from a perspective of honesty, which facilitates growth and understanding.”

“I thank philosophy for helping me be more confused about life than when I started college.”

“I was living in my own universe until I was exposed to philosophy.  Only then did I start to grasp reality. Understanding and feeling the reality is a magic.”

“While each course I took in the department changed the way I think about the world in some way, a few have radically changed the way I see and engage with the world. I don’t think any aspect of my life has remained untouched by philosophy.”

“Philosophy has made me realize why every decision and choice I make is so important. One of the many insightful things philosophy has taught me is that you are what you love, and what you spend your time doing is really what you become. This is important to me because it really makes you think about your values and how they line up (or don’t) with your actions.”

“I have always been a philosopher, trying to make sense of the world around me and my place in it, and studying philosophy at LMU has both satisfied this and made me all the more curious.”

“I loved all of my professors, and their dedication to the discipline has inspired me to want to join it.”

“I am extremely satisfied.  There are certain relationships I would never have developed if not for my decision to study philosophy at LMU, relationships I believe that will be influential over the course of my life. Also, the seemingly never-ending lessons and guidance to be found in the study cannot be overvalued.”

“Being a philosophy major changed the way I see education. I now understand that philosophy is more of an internal adventure than what I can “do with it” after graduation.”

“Now, moving forward, I have the intellectual foundation necessary to form thoughtful, well-researched views on a variety of topics.”

“I am completely satisfied with my choice to major in philosophy. This major has changed the way I see the world, the way I see myself, and the way I see and connect with others. It has also benefited me greatly in my writing, my ability to construct persuasive arguments, and to create clear, organized thoughts.”

“I became a philosophy major to be challenged to become a better writer. While philosophy has done this exceptionally well, it has transformed my perspective on life, creating a personal approach to the world that carries along with it an appreciation for existence itself. Philosophy has exposed the beauty of the world to me, something that is invaluable.”

“I find my academic pursuits more fulfilling and my life in general more joyful as I learn how to better engage with reality. Even though I have found few satisfactory answers to the questions I already had, I’m finding increased joy each time I discover a new question and increased satisfaction as I become more capable of engaging with those questions in a constructive way.”

“I wish I had started with philosophy coming into college. I cannot imagine that I would have ever known how much I would like it.”

“I am also an economics minor, and I feel that philosophy ties into that very well, because when looking at opportunity costs and the values of different actions or events, I am able to not only look at the financial side, but now I have the background to see the intrinsic values of doing various actions and being able to see essentially on a grander scale.”

“Choosing to major in philosophy was one of the best decisions I’ve made. While it has been difficult, this major has challenged me to think in ways no other major does. It forces you to question everything you think you know, and that has changed my perspective on life as a whole.  This major has actually made me see the world differently.”

“I can never go back (not that I want to). There is no other major that could have satisfied me intellectually as much as philosophy has. Finally, the curiosity I’ve lived with my entire life has found a home.”

From the Class of 2019:

“My favorite thing about majoring in philosophy is that I can’t leave it in the classroom.”

“My academic training in philosophy has shifted my worldview drastically and has made me question what kind of person I want to be, what I want to do with my life, and has motivated me to understand the reasons behind these things.”

“I run my own business alongside my father, and I can say with confidence that, thanks to the skills that I have learned here at LMU, I have developed a better understanding of how to handle certain situations. Without philosophy I feel that I would be worse off in my interactions outside of academia, and it would have taken me years to be at the point that I am at of maturity and understanding of the way the world works and how people operate.”

“To a large extent,” Aristotle says, “beginning students can reel off the words they have heard, but they do not yet know the subject. The subject must grow to be part of them, and that takes time” (EN VII.3.1147a22-4). I think that I have taken at least a couple ideas from each of my classes (and in some cases, many more) and incorporated them into the very fabric of my mind, as Aristotle describes.  They have come to shape the way that I observe and engage with my life and with reality.”

“I have been enlivened by my study of philosophy. I have become a much more intelligent observer and more engaged in life and reality. I have a much more definite and well-founded view about what I should be reaching out for. At the end of every single semester, I was able to look back to the beginning of that semester or to the previous semester and be shocked by how much it seemed that I had grown, usually in large part due to my philosophy classes.”

“An unexpected, yet incredibly helpful, thing that has come with studying philosophy is the examples of the professors that I have been allowed to witness and be guided by.  The joy, eagerness to help, and depth with which the professors in this department engage reality is truly inspirational. I regret that I did not get to work with more of them.  These examples are one of the only reasons that I initially allowed myself to even begin to consider pursuing a PhD and, ultimately, an academic job.”

“To my surprise, taking philosophy made me learn how to love it. I think it was the way in which it was taught. Students, to my surprise, were engaging in conversations about what the philosophers said and trying to grapple with what they meant when they posed a certain argument.”

“Studying philosophy has given me insights into the world that I had not had before and has made me much more open about others and other ideas that I may encounter.”

“Philosophy is a very thought-provoking major, which I have come to appreciate. I love how we have studied philosophers whose philosophies seem so obvious once you understand it. The major teaches you to think outside of the box, which has been useful.”

“My intellectual curiosity has been magnified through the material we learn in these classes. I noticed that every class I really enjoyed was mostly because of the way the professor approached the material and how engaging or interesting she made it!”

“I am satisfied with my decision to become a philosophy major. There are too many reasons to list, but one that stands out is that I will probably never be bored again.”

“I feel very lucky to have attended this program. I am eternally grateful to several of the professors who have taken the time to mentor and teach me over the last few years.”

“Philosophy is important and valuable. Philosophy is tough.”

“Studying philosophy has allowed me to think, talk, and approach the inevitable issues that arise in our lives. Additionally, it has enabled me to be better equipped with the mental tools to begin cultivating creative solutions for such challenging issues.”

“Philosophy has inspired me to think bigger, broader, and with more complexity. I look around, and I see the roots of the ideas I have learned about and how they intersect with my life and those around me. I am urged forward to discover more and more, while finding a strange, yet comforting, discontent in not knowing the ultimate nature of things. I have made lasting friendships. The professors’ love of open dialogue about ideas and arguments is refreshing and invigorating. I have yet to experience a greater community here at LMU than in the Philosophy Department.”

“I am on the path of being fulfilled and satisfied with the life-long knowledge that is to come from learning philosophy. I want to know, defend, and promote the truth.”

“I cannot imagine studying anything else or in any other philosophy department. I owe nearly all of my success—academic, personal, intellectual, professional, you name it—to my decision to study philosophy and the support I’ve received from this department.  Transferring to LMU and switching my major to philosophy are the two best decisions I’ve ever made.”

From the Class of 2018:

“I truly feel more equipped to engage the world because of the intellectual maturity that I have gained, thanks to the efforts and wisdom of all the amazing professors that I have had.”

“As a philosophy major, I have been able to critically reflect on my position in the world and what my role is. The philosophy curriculum at LMU is deeply imbued with Jesuit values that promote the education of the whole person so that they may be a global citizen. All of my classes offered opportunities to better understand my own values and how I can live them out in the world.”

“Many people explain college as a transitional time for one’s character, values, education, and many other aspects of one’s life. Philosophy has shaped the person that I have become today, and I believe I would not be the person I am without having engaged in philosophical readings, arguments, and conversations. I have become a person who is able to carry on conversations with strength and meaning, which was something I had struggled with the majority of my life.”

“I love Aristotle. I am so thankful for what I have learned about ethics and the skills I could develop here to critically evaluate how to live my life and my obligations toward others. I feel like my character really changed going into my junior year, and I am happy for it.”

“I believe that, because of my philosophy major, my whole view of the world has changed. I have become more reflective about the things that I am involved with. After my sophomore year at LMU, I took a hard look at my life and really discerned what I want to do. I became more honest with myself and committed myself to creating true and strong relationships with those I cared about.”

“I feel like I am a better global citizen and philosopher because of the philosophy major.”

“I am entirely satisfied with my choice to be a philosophy major. I truly believe it is the major that most suits my natural abilities and allows me to exercise my enduring curiosity about the structure of reality and the search for truth. I enjoy having strong opinions about existential topics and feeling able to clearly articulate them under pressure or in debate. My experience as a philosophy major has been the most fulfilling academic endeavor I have ever taken on. I would certainly declare it as a major again and recommend it to anyone with a curious disposition.”

“A student of philosophy learns to appreciate wisdom and never to stop searching for knowledge. In this way, it is an education that never stops giving. Additionally, philosophy majors are people who learn what ought to be done in the world and perform actions accordingly. There is no way a philosopher can act otherwise after learning about the good. I am proud to say that I am such a person. As I look back on these two years as a philosophy major (I’m sad to say I didn’t have four), I see an abundance of wisdom gained, skills acquired, and friendships made. I hope that future Philosophical Inquiry professors continue to encourage their students to consider philosophy as a major or minor because it is an experience that has provided me with an endless amount of knowledge about the world that I will never take for granted. I hope many more students can say the same in the future.”

“Philosophy shaped me to become the person I am today. I have grown in my critical thinking and analysis skills. I believe that I am well prepared for any task or situation that will be placed in front of me. I am very satisfied with my decision as it made me a more thoughtful person in all areas of life.”

“Despite the fact that I am an Economics major as well, I think that what I learned pursuing philosophy will help me in life a lot more, both personally and practically. I have learned to be a better writer, present better arguments, and think critically. These skills are ones that I can apply in my life forever.”

“This is the most fulfilling and fun subject I have ever studied.”

“I chose the major in philosophy because I wanted to learn from the smartest men who have walked on the earth. This major gave me that education.”

“I find myself overwhelmed with the number of subjects I tend to be interested in – from science to history to literature. Fortunately, philosophy is foundation of them all, and a stellar group of professors taught it brilliantly.”

“Becoming a philosophy major was the best decision I made at LMU. Even though psychology is definitely ‘my thing’, philosophy actually challenged me, and it did so in a way that I have never been challenged before. I feel much more prepared to tackle anything that is thrown at me, both in my academic life and in my professional and personal life as well. Additionally, I have made many great friends in both my classmates and in my professors. It has been a long, tiring, stressful, tremendously amazing ride, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

From the Class of 2017:

“I used to be a writer who added a lot of fluff and flowery language, but due to philosophy, I have learned to write more logically, clearly, and concisely.”

“After writing philosophy papers, all other writing has become a walk in the park. It prepares you to write much more clearly.”

“One of the main goals of philosophy is to determine what it means to live a good life, and this often includes a life of intellectual pursuit. Knowledge has become, in a sense, a source of purpose in my life. I used to think of school only as an obligation, but after studying philosophy, I gained a love of education and truth. I am leaving LMU with a greater understanding of my position in the world, as a critical thinker, a responsible member of society, and as a believer. My ultimate goal is to uphold truth and to live a happy life!”

“I’m not the same person today as I was when I entered LMU for Philosophy. My assessment of my own experiences, my relationship with God, my relationship with others, the work I currently do, and my view of the world has changed for the better. Yes, there have been innumerable crises that have occurred, but once I got to the other side of those inner struggles, I came out a better person every time.”

“I thought I understood my own experiences and my relationships better prior to studying philosophy, and philosophy has taught me just how much I do not know. However, I do not see that as a negative. I just need to spend much more time evaluating my positions.”

“What remains are those bits of wisdom that are applicable to the outside world. Do I remember all of Spinoza’s arguments and how he came to his conclusions? No. But I do remember what conatus means and what it stands for, yes. It’s things like this that I take away from courses and learn to recognize in and apply to my life outside of philosophy courses.”

“One specific relationship that my experiences as a philosophy major have definitely contributed to is my relationship with my dad. He loves hearing me talk about a new philosopher’s ideas, and I love telling him. It also gives me a leg up when arguing with him about things. I win more often now.”

“The degree is a reminder that I committed to something challenging. Struggled with it. Doubted it. Came to know it. And to my surprise, fell in love with it. It has been full of lessons both in and out of the classroom. I was granted the pleasure of reading from some of the most fundamental texts and learning from some of the finest academics (truthfully). My experiences in the major made me think about the type of person I wanted to be. I didn’t find all the answers, but it started and internal dialogue that I needed.”

“I feel like my major was harder than all my friends’ majors at LMU. I received more out of my education than a COMM major for example (nothing against them). When I am in my ethics classes with non-majors, the difference in critical thinking skills is evident. I think I have gained valuable soft skills that I will be able to apply in the work force.”

“Philosophy is something I have learned to love immensely, because it is so fun and interesting. It is extremely satisfying to master the ideas of a philosopher and to see connections between different arguments. I am also glad I chose to add on a philosophy major because I got to experience the most amazing professors in my college education. I would not have known that it was possible for a professor to care so much about their students, or how inspiring a professor could be, if I had not joined the philosophy department.”

“I feel grateful (#blessed) to be part of this community. The major has allowed me to grow intellectually and personally. It has pushed me to continue asking questions and inspired me to pursue knowledge as a good in itself. Through philosophy, I have come to see the world differently, a place of wonder, beauty, and good.”

“I am very satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major. I have never had anything less than a wonderful experience in any of my philosophy classes at LMU. The faculty and students alike consistently push me to become a better thinker, writer, and rhetorician. I feel that studying philosophy has given me skills that I can easily apply to law school and to my future career in law and politics (in addition to excellent facts and knowledge to show off in social situations).”

“I am absolutely satisfied. I learned so many things which I never thought I would. I was afraid that changing my major from screenwriting to philosophy would backfire on me somehow; it didn’t. It was the best decision I made in my collegiate career.”

“Best decision of my undergrad career. I found a passion in this field, and it provided direction for my academic career and future goals.”

“I feel like a large portion of the growth I’ve experienced between the start of college and now is due to the lessons I’ve learned from philosophy. I think it teaches maturity, it teaches perspective, and it teaches you to learn for the sake of learning.”

“I am really happy I added philosophy as my second major. I found it academically rigorous and challenging. I always felt challenged by the coursework and incredibly encouraged by the professors. The concepts and philosophers I was exposed to were truly interesting and enlightening. Overall, I wish I had added it as a major earlier on.”

“I am more than satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major! It was the best decision I ever made. I can’t imagine studying anything else. When I was an English major, I felt a deep sense of unfulfillment. When I switched to philosophy, it was like a light turned on and there was no going back. I genuinely feel that, by studying philosophy, I have become a more well-rounded individual, better suited to take on the world.”

“It was one of the best decisions I made as a student at LMU. This major has taught me quite a lot about myself, the world, and other disciplines. I have loved (almost) every minute of my studies (maybe not reading the Phenomenology of Spirit), and I know that this major has changed me much for the better.”

“Becoming a philosophy major is arguably one of the best things that ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life having gone any other way. I have evolved through my philosophy education, I no longer take so many things for granted, I look at the world more objectively, more critically, and pursue truth more rigorously. I read different books now than I ever thought I would have, and I’ve developed a sense of rigidness in my work ethic, and in my thought life, that I did not have before. I have nurtured a profound relationship with God that was fueled by me education here. Although I’m not Catholic, this department has continuously forced me to question what it is that I believe in and why.”

From the Class of 2016:

“Studying philosophy has helped me solidify my core beliefs and my moral obligations to myself and others.”

“Philosophy has helped me be more patient and understanding with people, especially those whom I disagree with or do not have anything in common. It also helps me be transparent about my biases and get those across to others.”

“My engagement with philosophy at LMU has been hugely transformative.”

“Philosophy tells me I have a great deal of learning left to do.”

“Philosophy has fostered my understanding of ethics and justice, as well as how to be a person who is both logical, yet moved by human compassion and understanding.”

“Philosophy has without a doubt enlarged my worldview in a way that…would [not] have been possible without it. At 22 years old I am beginning to understand who I am in life, and I find this very comforting and empowering.”

“Majoring in philosophy was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It has made me a more open-minded individual, a sharper thinker, a creative problem-solver, more empathetic, and a more patient individual. It has made me a more disciplined person for the betterment of myself and the world.”

“The study of philosophers, the excellent lectures and teachers who pushed me to meaningfully engage with arguments, and the scope of critical thinking skills I have attained all make me extremely pleased with my decision [to become a philosophy major].”

“I have grown as a person tremendously since becoming a philosophy major, and I attribute it to the skills and concern of the Philosophy department staff…[My] professors have always encouraged me to come in and see them…[They] take their time to help make their students better. I have learned to be humble and work hard, and I have broadened my understanding of the world through my research and coursework.”

“Studying philosophy has improved my life for the better. It sharpened my critical thinking, my ability to read situations, interact with others, and make tough decisions. I read some amazing works by extremely intelligent people and incorporated their philosophies into my overall philosophy on life.”

“I believe that many people work their entire lives to try to answer the questions (or to have the time to try to answer the questions) that I got to study at a university, under the guidance of some of the most intelligent people I have ever met and surrounded by other people seeking to answer the same questions. I almost feel that I have cheated the system in this regard.”

“I am extremely satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major. I have a wide range of interests, so I have continued to take classes in other areas during my time here, but I have always found that philosophy is the best way to understand some of the most fundamental things about these other disciplines.”

“I believe that a certain degree of challenge is completely necessary in order for one to reach his or her full potential, and the challenge that I have been faced with in my philosophy major is probably what motivated me to attempt to finish college with two majors in three and a half years. Without the challenge, I might not have demanded as much self-discipline for my education, and I may not have gotten where I am today.”

“I am satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major, because it served my understanding of theological studies…As the handmaiden to theology…philosophy helped me understand why Christianity, in particular, operates the way it does.”

“Very satisfied. The philosophy major has freed me from the dogmatic approach to life that was given to me.”

From the Class of 2015:

“Everything I have learned in studying philosophy is applicable to daily life and to understanding my experience in the world. When I was studying Heidegger with Professor Cameron, I realized how important and applicable Heidegger’s philosophy was with regard to talking compassionately with future patients. Similarly, when I was studying Ethics with Professor Nemoianu, I felt that Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics would be something to reread to remind myself how to strive to live virtuously after I graduate from LMU.”

“I believe that studying philosophy has enriched my empathic understanding of others so I can live more thoughtfully in and with the world.”

“My diverse philosophical courses have encouraged me to become a better person. Philosophy has helped me value life itself and fight for the protection, dignity, and rights of others.”

“Essentially, philosophy has helped me articulate my place in the universe.”

“My experiences as a philosophy major taught me about what it means to understand one’s own character and helped me become a more “even-keeled” person. Philosophy taught me to evaluate my actions and exercise introspection frequently.”

“My experience as a philosophy major was phenomenal, and I would encourage most students to major in philosophy at LMU. I feel proud to call myself a philosophy student, and I feel incredibly privileged. From day one, I believed that an education and a degree in philosophy would help me become a better person and an intelligent and compassionate physician. I think a philosophy education is invaluable, and I believe that the philosophy professors at LMU are also invaluable.”

“I’m satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major because it has given me the opportunity to live more truthfully by allowing me the tools to think. My choice to become a philosophy major has truly allowed me to educate my heart and mind. I believe it has provided me with the foundation to live well.”

“I am very satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major. It has challenged me to do some of my best work in my scholastic career, as it has made me wrestle with some of the greatest thinkers in the history of the world. It is not a subject to be taken lightly, and it has shaped me into a completely different person than I was before I took philosophy.”

“I really believe that I could not have chosen a better major. Studying philosophy satisfies a mental craving that could not be satisfied by anything else.”

“I am completely satisfied by my decision to become a philosophy major, since no other discipline could have better stimulated my intellectual curiosity and improved my rational faculties. I cannot imagine being more fulfilled intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually by any other major.”

“After four years of study, I have drastically improved my written and oral skills, my critical and analytical thinking abilities, and have cultivated a strong moral compass through which I am able to make daily and life-changing decisions intelligently and responsibly. Philosophy has challenged me to discover who I am. I have been inspired to critique my current life and envision the life which I ought to live. Because of philosophy, I have set higher standards for myself and for my future. I have developed confidence, poise, and wisdom. My philosophy professors at LMU have prepared me to be an effective leader. I see my place in the world not as an individual focused on self-interest, but as someone who has the responsibility, because of her philosophical knowledge and education, to ensure that all members of her community are protected. I have a solid foundation.”

“Studying philosophy has helped me improve my reading and writing skills. It has also improved my comprehension of logic. These skills are not only helpful in studying philosophy, but they are helpful in almost any profession one chooses to pursue. I feel that I am ahead of most of my friends who chose other majors.”

“Philosophy pushed me beyond what I thought was possible. I find myself being able to grapple with more complex topics in math and science because of the rigor of the material.”

“The professors from the department are some of the best people I have had the pleasure of learning from. All of them worked with me in understanding difficult concepts beyond their office hour times. I was even lucky enough to be mentored by a few of them in my time as a major. The skills I gained, the experiences I underwent, and the people I have met all have made me not only a more analytic thinker but a better person in character.”

“Philosophy has been my pathway to law school. It has given me the depth of under-standing I sought to make sense out of life. And it has given me the disposition to be genuinely content with life and its particulars.”

“Philosophy has shown me that nothing is impossible to understand – it only takes time, hard work, and a great amount of discipline.”

“I am satisfied because I honestly do not think I would have been enriched more as an inquisitive being in any other field.”

From the Class of 2014:

“My philosophy education informs everything I do; it shapes my personal system of ethics, how I evaluate the actions and beliefs of others around me, and how I understand the world I find myself in.”

“Philosophy has made it easier for me to find my way.”

“Philosophy has permanently and profoundly changed the way I view and interact with the world. I know I am a better person because of philosophy.”

“The last paper I wrote for my Philosophy major was about my brother’s passing…This allowed me to intellectually work through the emotional struggle that came with death and provided me closure because I understood and, in my argument, proved where he exists.”

“I’ve never made a better decision in my life. Philosophy has altered the core of my being. I feel a more complete person because of philosophy.”

“I am absolutely satisfied having majored in Philosophy. I think that my studies have provided me with a maturity of judgment and critical thinking ability that would otherwise have taken much more time to develop. I feel ready to continue my education, to embrace new concepts and perspectives concerning all areas of study, to better my character, to explore the world with an informed sense of wonderment and intellectual curiosity, and to adapt and develop my skills in the professional settings I will be exposed to.”

“I am most definitely satisfied with having majored in Philosophy. It has been a great choice and one that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The skills that you learn inside and outside the classroom are extremely valuable. It has taught me to always be thinking about my life and the life I want to live.”

“I am satisfied with my choice to become a philosophy major. Most of the professors of philosophy at LMU pushed my intellectual limit and encouraged me to open my mind to opposing notions and expand my thinking.”

“I am very satisfied. I see the immense impact this form of study has had on my manner of thinking and behavior. My studies in philosophy have also improved my choreography… The same precision of thought that is demanded of philosophy papers I write, I hold to my vision for dances I direct.”

“I am a more orderly, careful, and deeper thinker than I was before, and I owe much of this improvement to the intellectual resources philosophy afforded me through its rigor and exactitude.”

“Although philosophy is my second major, it has been far more influential to my academic experience and future goals than nearly any other choice I have made at LMU.”

“I am a philosophy major because I am interested in asking questions, thinking, and being aware of issues that most people ignore. My philosophy courses have taught me how to think, instead of teaching me what to think. To me, that is the most important thing a student can learn during their undergraduate experience… Philosophy is a major that I can take and apply not only to my professional life, but also to my personal life.”

From the Class of 2013:

“I credit majoring in philosophy with my maturation as a young adult. Even when I am talking with my friends, I notice that I have a more advanced outlook on particular topics and issues.”

“I am disappointed that my time as an undergraduate is nearly over because I feel that I have just begun in my inquiry.”

“Majoring in philosophy has taught me to think effectively and clearly. The philosophy teachers at LMU are top notch.”

“I have never considered any other major even an option. For people who say that philosophy is an unrealistic major, I believe that they simply do not know what philosophy is.”

“Philosophy has helped me to become a more critical and self-aware individual. I was far too comfortable in my pre-college worldview, and I’m happy that philosophy has made me uncomfortable.”

“Majoring in philosophy has also allowed me to recognize how hungry I am to continue to gain knowledge about the human experience.”

“I would not have chosen any other major. Philosophy has provided me with the most fundamental skills for life and pushed me to think far beyond the limits of standard knowledge”

“To say that philosophy has changed my life through and through may sound like an exaggeration, but it is an accurate description of my experience as a philosophy major. Although many other majors and subjects claim to aid in developing critical thinking skills, in my own experience, philosophy is the only major that helps students grasp the steps to critical thinking.”

“I am completely satisfied with my choice to study philosophy. I cannot imagine having pursued any other major.”

“I am also in love with the philosophy department at LMU, and am extremely sad to graduate and not have the pleasure of dropping in on office hours just to talk about something cool I’m learning in my current classes.”

“To say I am satisfied would be a gross understatement. Choosing to major in philosophy has proven to be the most rewarding choice I have ever made. It has completely changed my life and the way I view the world.”

“Being a philosophy major has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things I never considered before. I think it has contributed most to my understanding of God. The existence of God and what that meant was something I didn’t really think about, but now it is something I think about every day.”

From the Class of 2012:

“Philosophy has affected every aspect of my life; I feel fortunate to be graduating with a degree in something about which I am deeply passionate.”

“I believe I will lead a more thoughtful and meaningful life filled with reasonable doubt, critical analysis, and metaphysical hope.”

“I am a better student, better thinker, and most importantly, a better person as a direct result of my time at LMU.”

“I was always a terrible chess player. I could not even beat my own mother who was an art major. Then I became a philosopher.”

“I feel that I have come to better understand myself and the kind of person I want to be…I find that I truly enjoy engaging in sincere dialogue about the fundamental issues of the world…it has allowed me to understand myself on a much deeper level.”

“Overall, then, I am very satisfied with my education here and the people I have learned so much from.”

From the Class of 2011:

“It helped me broaden my experience, and I legitimately believe it made me a better person.”

“I shudder to think about the sort of person I would have become if I hadn’t been forced to analyze my beliefs.”

“I have gained a passion for reading, writing, discussion, and intellectual exploration that I never imagined I would when I began my college career.”

“Philosophy has taught me more about myself and the world than any other area of study at LMU possibly could have. I took a lot of psychology as well, and they simply didn’t compare.”

From the Class of 2010:

“An absolutely incredible experience for me. The teachers are fabulous; the classes are engaging; the relationships between the students and teachers are inspiring.”

“Philosophy is what excites me, gets me out of bed in the morning, and makes me want to go to class. My philosophy classes are the highlight of my academic day.”

“Chemists and accountants are specialized to operate in a given field; philosophers are prepared to understand what it means to operate in the first place.”

THE QUESTION IS: Will you feel this way about your major when you graduate? If you major in Philosophy, you can.